Why Join? Because MCMA Membership Has Its Privileges! Membership is open internationally for Fans and Industry. If you are actively involved in the Country Music business please consider signing up for the Industry membership below. Industry membership has additional perks such as voting in the MCMA Awards second ballot.

When signing up for membership please be sure to check your email for the membership activation email from the MCMA which has the subject line of ‘Welcome to Manitoba Country Music Association’. This email contains a link which you must click on in order to activate your account. If you do not receive the activation email in your inbox please check your spam folder.

Associate Membership (Fan Only) Cost: No charge
Open to any individual interested in the furtherance of the country music industry in Manitoba, and who is not covered by the criteria of an Industry Membership. Associate members:

  • Receive e-updates that provide information on news, events and shows happening around Manitoba
  • May ONLY nominate for award categories
  • Can volunteer at MCMA events

It couldn't be easier - Signup for an Associate Membership (Fan Only) Now!

Industry Membership Cost: $25:00/yr
Open to anyone actively involved in the country music industry. If you are an active member of a band or a performing musician/vocalist, you must purchase an Industry Membership in order to receive the following:

  • The Opportunity to be nominated for the Annual Awards Show
  • Full voting privileges for the Annual Awards Show
  • Receive e-updates that provide information on news, events and shows happening around Manitoba
  • Submit information to be included in the e-updates that provide information on news, events and shows happening around Manitoba
  • Receive the opportunity to have their promotional material included on the MCMA website
  • Have the opportunity to post news and events on our MCMA Facebook Group
  • Entitled to vote at the Annual AGM
  • Performance opportunities at MCMA events
To be eligible for an Industry membership you must belong to at least one of the categories listed below:
  • Artist
  • Artist Manager
  • Association
  • Booking Agent
  • Distributor
  • Festival
  • Media List
  • Music Publisher
  • Musician
  • Producer
  • Production Company
  • Public Relations
  • Publication
  • Publicity/Media
  • Radio (full-time)
  • Radio (part-time)
  • Record Company
  • Recording Studio
  • Songwriter
  • Talent Buyer/Promoter
  • Television/Video
  • Venue

Signup for an Industry Membership

If you are already registered as a fan member and would like to move to an industry membership you can do so by logging into the website with your fan account, then from the top menu under the Members tab click on Industry Membership Payment From there you click on the Buy Now button and this will bring you to the paypal payment page. Industry memberships are $25 with a yearly renewal in March. If you do not use Paypal we do have the option to pay via etransfer to this email address and can also do credit card payments offline if required. Once payment is received we will move your account over to the industry level.

Corporate Membership Cost: No charge
Open to any organization or business interested in the furtherance of the Country Music Association in Manitoba and which contributes financially or otherwise to the Association. Corporate members may attend and participate in Association Meetings and are entitled to one (1) vote by a responsible member of the management. Radio stations, recording studios, etc. may be nominated for awards but individuals working for these companies must still hold an Industry Membership to vote or be nominated within their respective categories. Cost: No charge

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